City-wide Prescription Pick-up and Delivery

We offer free city-wide prescription pick-up and delivery service within the city limits of Winnipeg. We strive to ensure that targeted delivery times are met based on our customer’s needs and schedule.

Convenience Packaging

Receiving separate vials for each medication can become more confusing the more medications one is prescribed. We offer convenient options to package your medication at no extra charge. These Pharmacist-verified options include Blister Packs and Pac Med Strips. These options have shown to improve medication compliance by reducing missed doses or incorrect dosing of medications. Missed doses may decrease the effectiveness of medications and incorrect dosing may increase risk of side effects. Therefore, convenience packaging can help medications reach their desired effects.

Blister Packs 

Medications in a blister packs are arranged in a sealed card and contain a full week of medications per card. The days of the week are listed vertically on the card (Monday to Sunday) and the times of day (morning, noon, supper and bedtime) are listed horizontally.

Pac Med Strips

Pac Med strips are a form of convenience packaging that arranges your medication in small pouches that are attached vertically. The Vertical strips can be rolled up for ease of storage. Doses are arranged by date, then in order of morning, noon, supper, and bedtime doses, respectively.

Please contact us for a free consultation to find the best option to manage your medication regimen

Homecare Services

Homecare Pharmacy Services are intended to help those individuals who have difficulty managing their medication regimen. As we age and take more medications, managing our medication regimens can become more difficult. In addition, if our mobility is reduced then it becomes more

difficult to visit our Pharmacist for consultation on medication. Throughout these services, our Pharmacists become the Medication Manager for your medication and take away the stress and hassle associated with managing your medications on your own.

Pharmacist Home Visits

Our Pharmacists are available for free regular home visits to provide pharmacy services in the comfort of your own home. Home visits provide an opportunity to discuss your medications with a Pharmacist in a comfortable, stress-free environment with no distractions. Our pharmacists will take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns regarding your medications. During a home visit, our pharmacists will meet with you to identify potential or actual problems with your medications (if they exist) and communicate with your doctor to correct the problems.

At a home visit, our Pharmacists can provide the following pharmacy services:

– Counseling on a new medication(s) or on changes to your existing medications/dosages. Including conducting changes to your blister pack etc. based on a new prescription or change in dose by your doctor.
– Conduct medication reviews
– Regular follow-up visits
– Answer questions and address concerns about medications (without feeling rushed)
– Counseling and education on how to use medical devices (blood sugar meters, blood pressure machines, etc)
– Consultation on disease state management (ie. diabetes, asthma, hypertension, cholesterol and smoking cessation management)
– Help with completing insurance forms to submit to various drug plans (Blue Cross, DVA, Manulife, etc)
– Delivery of prescription medication(s)
– Home visits allow good accessibility and open lines of communication with your own personal Pharmacist.

All of the services above are provided at no charge extra charge to your medications. Please contact the pharmacy to set up an appointment with one of our Pharmacists.

Pre-filled Insulin and Oral Syringes

Pre-filled syringes are available for those receiving insulin therapy or oral liquid forms of medication (i.e. solutions or suspensions) and who require assistance in measuring the prescribed dose. These options can benefit those with dexterity or vision problems and reduce risk of medication errors.

Security Medication Storage

For those at risk of medication overuse or improper use who receive their medications from a Homecare Staff Member or Direct Support Professional, we offer storage boxes (lock boxes) as a solution. Medications are locked in a plastic or metal box with a combination lock. The Support Person that assists with the administration of medications are provided with the combination lock. These lock boxes are loaned to our customers at no charge during the course of their medication therapy and are returned to our pharmacy when no longer required.

Administration of Medications and Vaccines by Injection

Our Pharmacists are trained to administer drugs and vaccines by injection. Pharmacist-administered Flu shots is a covered service by our Provincial Government. Your pharmacy is an accessible option to receive your flu-shot. For other medications (ie. Vitamin B12) we charge $ 15.00 per injection for this convenient option.

Medication Reviews

Medication regimens can be quite complex, especially for patients who are on 3 or more medications. When a person suffers from multiple medical conditions and requires several medications they are at a higher risk for drug-r

elated problems. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Drug interactions between medications.
-Side effects caused by a medication dose that is too high.
-Ineffectiveness due to a medication dose that is too low.
-An untreated issue exists.
-Use of a medication that is no longer needed.
-The occurrence of an adverse drug reaction.
-A medication review is an effective way of identifying and solving these problems.

Our Pharmacists are available to conduct Free Comprehensive Medication reviews of your medication regimen on an appointment basis. Topics covered during a medication review will include an in-depth discussion of your medications including prescription, over-the-counter, natural and herbal products (uses, side effects, drug interactions, when to expect benefits from your medications, what side effects or situations are important to discuss with your Doctor and Pharmacist). We will also evaluate the appropriateness of over-the-counter, natural and herbal products being taken with your prescription medications. The medication review will also allow one of our Pharmacists to address all of your medical questions and concerns relating to medications.

Medication Reconciliation

Medication reconciliation is a process where our Pharmacists work together with Patients, their Families and other Health Care Providers to ensure accurate and comprehensive medication information is communicated consistently across transitions of care (ie. From hospital to community and vise versa).

Lack of communication between community and hospital Health Care Providers is common. With lack of communication, there is an increased risk of medication errors occurring, especially as a result of unintended medication changes. At Northway Pharmacy Charleswood our Pharmacists ensure to communicate with other Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Centers during transitions of care so that medication errors are avoided.

Medication Refill Reminder

We offer optional enrollment in our Medication Refill Reminder schedule. This program eliminates the need to remember to phone the Pharmacy to refill your regularly scheduled medications. Instead, we will contact you to remind you that your medication is due and then verify your order. Enrollment in the Medication Refill Reminder schedule ensures that you do not miss any doses of your medication and reduces hassles associated with managing your medication supply. The hassle with your medications is further reduced when your all of your medications run out at the same time. Talk to one of our Pharmacists today and we can help synchronize your medications.

Dietitian Services

Our Pharmacy Customers have access to free consultations with our Licensed Dietitian on Staff. A healthy diet is important in our overall health and in the prevention and management of certain medical conditions such as diabetes etc. Consultations can be arranged by calling the pharmacy to request a referral for Dietitian Services.

Charleswood Medical Centre Services

Our Pharmacists work collaboratively with other Healthcare Professionals to provide patient-centered healthcare. Other healthcare services provided in our building including the Charleswood Medical Clinic, Charleswood X-Ray Clinic, and Corydon Physiotherapy.

For the Charleswood Medical Clinic please call 204-889-7200 or visit for more information.

For Charleswood X-Ray Clinic please call 204-221-6040 for more information.

For Corydon Physiotherapy please call 204-925-0380 or visit for more information.